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Community Work

In collaboration with Carpio Perez Foundation (; Eretore Association and donors from Canada, we have helped fund and raise donations to purchase maize mill equipment including diesel engine equipment and build a maize mill for the Village of Lendikinya.

We also sponsored a young boy from the village who was severely burnt after falling into a cooking fire. He remained untreated at home (as is often the case due to lack of funds), until the incident came to our attention and we were able to arrange medical treatment. Sadly the young boy lost his injured foot, however he has recovered well and is able to walk with the assistance of a stick. His foot was operated on at the Selian Lutheran Hospital in Arusha and he is presently on a rehabilitation program at the ‘Plaster House’. He is a very intelligent boy; who has sadly missed a lot of school on account of his accident and immobility, however his future is promising and he will shortly re join his family back in Lendikinya (Monduli Juu) where he will attend school once more.

Of the 3 villages we are presently supporting, we have completed phase one, at Lendikinya village. With this completed we are looking to start our next two projects at the Eluwai & Alkaria Villages respectively.